As a coach and trainer I will help you to navigate your way to work that feels authentic, fun and fulfilling! I also help organisations to  engage and develop the talents of their employees.

The short version

  1.  Founder of  (online) Rachel Barnes Coaching and Training 

  2. Affiliated Partner of the TalentFirst team

  3. Love travelling the World. Travelled through Asia and Australia In 2018 for 6 months

  4. Frequently give workshops and training courses

  5. Eternal optimist, we live life to do the things we fully enjoy and that make us very happy! 


Born in 1986, raised in England and The Netherlands. 11 years of experience and background as a HR Advisor, Coach and Trainer in the Corporate World. A Bachelor in Management, Human Resources and Business Administration. NLP Practitioner and EFT Therapist. 15 years happily married with my husband Jasper, living in a small village just outside of Amsterdam. 


I coach Professionals and organisations with questions related to career coaching, team building, reducing stress and personal development. I am here to help you to gain clarity and create focus in your career, find out what you really want and what it is that is holding you back from moving forward and taking the next steps in your desired situation and goals. 


I am always interested in finding new ways to create a happier and fulfilling work /life balance. I am curious, open minded and enthusiastic. Driven by all questions related to mindset and statements as 'I can never achieve this goal'.


My passion and love for personal development, travelling the world, studying yoga and enjoying my favourite pastime of scuba diving has enriched my life in so many ways. ​ Most of my time I spend in Aalsmeer together with my husband, however when travelling abroad I love being in my favourite countries of Thailand, The Philippines and Bali.  


5 things that are important to me

  • Connect.Understand the other person before he or she understands you. Make genuine and honest contact with yourself and other without judgement.

  • Mindset. Your mindset determines everything. Keep your state of mind positive, be quiet, meditate or try yoga. You will see that the universe is there to help you.

  • Intuition. Follow your instinct and heart, it is not given to us without a reason. 

  • Compassion. Be kind and gentle to yourself and others. Read Dalai Lama. 

  • Try new things. Is there something you really like and does it give you healthy stress? A good advice from the book of Richard Branson is Screw it… Let's do it!

Coach and Trainer TalentFirst


Next to my own business I am a affiliated Partner of the TalentFirst team.

TalentFirst focusses on Talent. Development for organizations and Professionals. Personal Leadership courses, personal development, workshops and career coaching. 

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Volunteer - Carreer Coach and Job interview trainer at JINC 


At JINC I coach students to help them find their next study or career path. I also give workshops to prepare students for their first job interview.  


It's very grateful, fun and valuable to see students make their own decisions in the first step of their career.

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 Phone: 06-36498136

             Email: info@rachelbarnes.nl

                        Office: Business Crown TV studio's

               Van Cleeffkade 15, Aalsmeer