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Career coaching is for you if you feel that you have lost control over your own career path, you feel that you are unhappy and this has started to impact your personality and social life. You would like to find out what it is that you want, which talents you have to share with the world and how you can start using your talents in your (new) career. Start taking control over your own career path and create your own happiness in work and life!


Questions we can help you with:

  • Who am I, what do I want and what are my talents?

  • What are my talents and how can I use my potential in my work?

  • I want to do something different but I don't know what, how or where to start?

  • I am ready for a new challenge but cannot make a choice?

  • Which job or study suits me?

  • How can I (re)gain my passion in my work?


Coaching can be life changing. During this 1 on 1 coaching program you will gain deep personal insights about yourself. You could also consider entrepreneurship, using assessments or focus on purpose. (Career) coaching is always focussed on the future.


What are the results of career coaching?

  • More self-knowlege about your personal values, driving forces and goals

  • Focus en direction in your career and life 

  • Control over your own life 

  • ((Re)discovering your talents

  • More motivation and energy

  • More self confidence

  • Able to make choices which feel authentic and good

  • A step closer to yourself and your goal

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