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We all have negative emotions which are still lingering in our memory. These emotions influence our day to day choices more than we would like them to. How nice would it be if we could disconnect those emotions from the circumstances that actives them?

What is EFT?


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. This method is based on Eastern acupressure points and modern 

Western psychology. By using EFT you can release negative emotions in a short period, such as stress, burn-out, insecurity, trauma, phobia, fears and psychical distress related to these complaints. EFT is a friendly and safe method without any side effects. 



How does EFT work?


With EFT we look at specific memories that activate the emotion. By creating focus and using the correct words related to this specific situation we connect directly with the memory so you will be able to feel this emotion as if it was here and now. Once we have activated these emotions, we neutralise the emotions by tapping on acupressure points. This technique has a strong influence on certain parts of your brain and reduces the stress response. It removes the negative weight from intense emotions. 



What types of symptoms can EFT help to manage or prevent? 



  • Reducing short-term or chronic stress

  • Coping with emotional problems such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety

  • Improving athletic performance, focus, and coordination

  • Helping to improve sleep quality

  • Public speaking

  • Social anxiety

  • Fear of Flying

  • Trauma

  • Burnout

  • Phobia's

  • Limiting beliefs preventing you from taking action

  • Reducing muscular tension and joint pain

  • Decreasing fatigue and boosting energy levels

  • Decreasing tension headaches and migraines





Negative emotions are neutralized. As a result, negative emotions and related psysichal distress dissolve. The memory of a negative or traumatic situation remains, however, the emotion attached to this specific situation does.   


You can use EFT for any problem that contains tension or a stress element. EFT helps remove disbalances so that blocked energy can move freely. 


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The science behind EFT

The past 20 years more and more research studies have been done about the effects of EFT. We know now that by using EFT this has a direct effect on our brain, heart rate and breathing.


Connected to an EEG device showed that the brain waves immediately react by showing brain activity of relaxation. At that moment the client experiences "relaxation" or the feeling that the emotion disappears.


At the beginning of 2019, NICE, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, recommended EFT as an effective method for PTSD. NICE advises doctors and other (para) doctors in the UK which methods are recommended for which complaints and diagnoses.


TED X Talk by Dr. Peta Stapleton about EFT


Dr. Peta Stapleton has over 25 years of experience as a registered clinical psychologist and is currently an associate professor of psychology at Bond University in Australia. She is a global researcher in EFT and has recently given a presentation at TEDx Talk. 


EFT Tapping at schools in Australia

EFT is practised at schools in Australia to help students with stress for exams and to build more resilience. 

EFT Tapping during Baseball game - Fox News

EFT is often used to enhance the sports performance of players. Have a look at this video on Fox news during a Baseball game.


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