Competence Coaching


Your surroundings are changing, the market, employers are demanding more skills and clients expect more from you as a Professional, Manager or Entrepreneur. You are continuously challenged to adapt to change. Or maybe you are challenging yourself for a new position in your work. 

How can you enhance your personal development in such a way that feels authentic and fun to meet the needs of a changing environment?


Competence Coaching could make the difference in your performance. 

There are several good reasons to start with Competence Coaching:

  • You would like to develop yourself further on a specific set of skills 

  • You know what you need to change but do not know how

  • You want to make new choices for your future

  • You said ''yes'' to a new role that requires new competences

If your manager plays a role in your coaching program we will make a zero measurement with him or her. So prior to the first coachsession we will clearly describe each competence you would like to develop to get a clear view of your starting point. We will repeat this again at the end of the coaching program to follow your personal growth and get the results you want. 

Would you like to receive more information about how we can help you create longterm and valuable results for you or your organization? Get in touch with us for a personal strategy session. 


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